Lee Quilter - Weight Loss Specialist Personal Trainer

I am an experienced weight loss specialist personal trainer. As my client you can expect a comprehensive goal focused personalised, progressive fitness plan which will incorporate both your personal gym sessions with me, and non-gym actions for you to perform out side of the gym.

My sessions are fun as well as affective, and whatever your goal maybe, we will achieve it together as a team, and all without having to give up all of your guilty pleasures or sacrificing your quality of life. If you are ready to finally realise your fitness goals and get the body you have always dreamed of, and you think I might be the right personal trainer for you. Simply submit the enquiry form on this page and book a FREE consultation.

The most common mistake people make when attempting to lose weight is failing to set an appropriate goal. In the vast majority of cases this sends them down a path doomed to fail before they have even begun. On top of this, the affect of a sudden and significant reduction in the amount of calories you consume each day, and the affect exercise has on your body, is all to commonly misunderstood. Which often also leads people to the wrong lifestyle choices and sadly, failure.

Communication is the key to developing a successful relationship. When working with a client for the first time my first objective is to establish exactly why you have sought out the help of a fitness professional and, exactly what it is you would like to accomplish and why.

Then together we can agree our goals for you. By explaining the reasons behind all of the actions I ask you to attempt, and how they each directly link to realising your goal, I will gradually build your knowledge and understanding of your body and the process of losing weight that will help you to maintain motivation and, in due course goal success.

Weight Loss Specialist Personal Training

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You can find me at the stunning subterranean Harbour hotel spa and gym complex, built within old smugglers' tunnels beneath the hotel and seafront, featuring 6 treatment rooms, a heated indoor pool, a sauna, steam room, Scandinavian hot tubs, a hydrotherapy pool, and of course the gym, all amid the drama of vaulted ceilings and exposed brickwork.